Emergency Action Plan

This EAP (Emergency Action Plan) is kept in the Forest Group Leaders file in Centre at all times, also with the Leader on outings.

In the event of an emergency and a child needs to be taken to hospital a member of staff would direct the emergency services to the casualty. The Forest School Leader, as First Aider, would attend to the casualty until the Emergency Services arrive.

First Aid Kits- in Back Packs, Centre- Back door Upstairs, Main door downstairs.

The casualty would be accompanied to hospital by a member of the centre’s staff. The Class teacher or Teaching Assistant would oversee the rest of the group are counted and prepared to return to the centre.

The centre office would be informed after dialling the Emergency Services and assistance to return back to centre requested if necessary. The adult accompanying the casualty would return to centre once the child was in the care of their parents/carers.

In the event of an adult needing emergency attention it must be judged whether they need to be accompanied or support may be required. Decisions taken must ensure the safety of the children within the group and accompanying adults.

In the event of the Forest Leader needing emergency assistance it would be expected for the Class teacher or teaching assistant to return the children to school and another adult would stay with the casualty.

The incident book and incident forms would be completed back at the centre.

Minor injuries would be treated as they would within centre and recorded and reported to parents and care givers in line with centre’s policy.

Emergency Services


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